Palestine Investment Fund (PIF):

Founded in 2003, Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) is a public shareholding company focused on strategic investments in sectors like energy, agriculture, health, infrastructure, and more. Our partnership empowers us to redefine healthcare in Palestine with cutting-edge advancements and state-of-the-art facilities for our patients. Together, we aim to achieve positive economic development and make a meaningful impact on Palestinian society.

Palestine Pension Fund Authority:

The Palestine Pension Fund Authority, established in 2005, seeks to create a unified system for pension schemes in Palestine, promoting prosperity and equality for all segments of Palestinian society. Our partnership with the Palestine Pension Agency underscores our joint dedication to delivering exceptional medical care and securing the well-being and future security of Palestinians throughout the nation. Together, we are committed to advancing healthcare services and ensuring access to quality medical care for all.



Enhancing care through upcoming projects that address evolving healthcare needs.
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